15 ways to style your ponytail

You do not want to wear the simple ponytail anymore or you want a more fashionable ponytail? There are 17 ways for you to style your ponytail in an extraordinary look. After the steps, your ponytail is formed into a twisted pony, a side pony or a braided pony. No matter what styles you wear of these 17 species, they will appear shiny and pretty absolutely. Do not hesitate to crawl your brushes and hairpins to create a brand new ponytail.

Chinese stair ponytail

Chinese stair ponytail

Ponytail with hair knot

Ponytail with hair knot over

Braided banana clip hair

Braided banana clip hair over

Ponytail with pigtails

Ponytail with pigtails over

Summer ponytail

Summer ponytail over

Twisted Side Ponytail

Twisted side ponytail over

Braided ponytail

Braided ponytail over

Sleek ponytail

Sleek ponytail over

Ponytail for curly hair

Ponytail for curly hair over

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