12 messy short hair for pretty girls

A perfect hair look is loved by girls, but actually a messy hair can also be worshiped by you. Many girls may think it would be better to create a fresh and perfect hairstyle for their looks. They have not experienced the messy hair and they do not know how wild and feminine the messy hairstyles can do. Now, the post will tell how the messy hair across the world prevail.

If you can not wait to rock the messy hairstyles, or you just want to see how beautiful the messy hair is, you can stay at the post office and we’ll pick out some messy shirt hairstyles for you. First, we will introduce two messy short hairstyles by two celebrities. We love her pretty look and her looks can always give us some hair ideas.

Here we pick up Marion Cotillard’s messy blunt Bob and Scarlett Johansson’s choppy Bob.

Marion Cotillard Messy Blunt Bob

Marion Cotillard Messy Blunt Bob

Marion Cotillard cuts her hair briefly and she shows her neck and face. Her short hair looks a bit messy as she gently loosens her locks. She puts a part of her curls behind her ear and lets fly another part.

Scarlett Johansson's choppy Bob

Scarlett Johansson’s choppy Bob

Impressive! This messy short hair fit Scarlett Johansson’s outfit and make-up very well. The deep side part reveals her whole face and accumulates her eyes. In addition, the swept side is raised in a fuzzy way to give the look more movement.

Now you can not wait to have a messy short hair? You can find what you need in the following designs. More messy short hairstyles can be found. I hope you like it.

Messy Bob with side panel

Messy Bob with side panel over

Super curly hair

Super curly hair over

Black messy short hair

Black messy short hair over

Blond messy short hair

Blond messy short hair over

Office Messy short hair

Office Messy short hair over

Vintage messy short hair

Vintage messy short hair over

Red Messy Short Hair

Red messy short hair over

Short bob with pony

Short bob with a pony over

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