12 romantic braided hairstyles with useful tutorials

I think every girl loves braided hairstyles for her pretty looks and styles. Also, most braided hairstyles are not as complicated as they look. It only takes a few minutes to make it in the morning. And you will look fabulous for a whole day. Today I show you 12 romantic braided hairstyles with their useful tutorials to give you an inspiration for your new braided hairstyle!

For the hot days, we should rather choose refreshing hairstyles to keep our hair out of our faces. Then the braided hairstyles are an ideal option for us. If you want to go ladylike style, you can go for a sweet lace braid hairstyle. The sweet braid that runs around the back of your hair will show you very elegant and graceful with a romantic lace dress. But if you like the casual style, just make a messy braid. I bet it will give you a stylish street style with a white top and jeans.

The triple mesh

The triple braid over

The Boho Crown braid

The Boho Crown braid over

Romantic Loose Page Braid Tutorial

Romantic loose page braid tutorial about

Ponytail with French Braid

Ponytail with French Braid over

Messy Braid Hair Tutorial

Messy Braid Hair Tutorial about

Lace Braid Hair Tutorial

Lace Braid Hair Tutorial about

Waterfall Braid Hair Tutorial

Waterfall Braid Hair Tutorial over

Fishtail Braid Tutorial

Fishtail Braid tutorial about

Simple braided ponytail

Simple braided ponytail over

A rope twist braid

A rope twist braid over

A Dutch side Mermaid Braid

A Dutch side Mermaid Braid about

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