13 hair tutorials for bow hairstyles

Hey, girl, do you want to get everything funny and beautiful? To make fun of things, you can start with your head and have a new look for your long hair. Today’s post will tell you how to add a funny bow to your hair without using a ribbon or bow hair piece. Through the tutorials you can easily bow with your own locks. You can bow when styling a ponytail, top bun, or half a head of hair. The bow hairstyles can always give girls an ultra-funny look.

If you are interested in creating a fun hair look, you can try the following tutorials. Hope you have a wonderful hairstyle by learning the post!
Stylish Bow Hair

Stylish Bow Hair

Stylish Bow Hair over

Ponytail bow

Ponytail bow over

Braided hair bow

Braided hair bow over

Fast hair bow

Fast hair bow over

Lady Gaga hair bow

Lady Gaga hair bow over

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