How to make a layered haircut on your own

Did you ever cut your hair? I mean, have you ever cut your long curls into a rather complex style? Maybe someone can ask, why not go directly to the hair salon? Well, we all know that hairdressers always need about an hour to cut our hair into the perfect layers. For women who like DIY and want to try everything for themselves, why not save time and have your own hairdresser at home?

I tried it once. This experience was really amazing. Today I want to share this with you. If you do not want to cut your boring long hair, here’s the quick fix to cut a pretty layered hairstyle yourself. This is indeed convenient and cheap to get a new stylish look.

As I have tried myself, so trust me! The steps are pretty easy and reliable. You can share it with all your good friends. Now follow them and try!

Step 1: Lower your head and brush all your hair smooth. Then make a high ponytail on the crown.

Step 2: Lie down and decide on the desired hair length. You can use a hair band to tie the position, or just use your hand as a marker.

Step 3: Cut your hair bravely diagonally. Remember that the shortest section should be your top hair and the longest section your back hair.

Well, that’s done. Quite simply, if you try, you will know how fantastic it is. Next time, if you want to cut your hair, just give it a try.

How to cut layers

How to cut layers

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