10 basket weaving you need to have for the season

I can not wait to try on a stylish braided hairstyle even though I do not have extra long hair, so I need a hairpin to help. I admire those girls who have super long hair to create the perfect basket weave. To be honest, basket weaving may take your time and need skills, but they would be better if you need your patience and creativity.
Because of the nature of the braids, you should separate your locks into multiple strands and sometimes you need help from others. However, basket weavings are worth wearing since they fit with many types of outfits. I’m sure you will have your time and make a basket braid for the season.

If you do not know how to shape it, you can start today’s post. The post office shows you some stylish wickerwork designs. Get inspired!

Wickerwork with blue ends

Wickerwork with blue ends over

Braided bread roll

Braided bread roll over

Side rolls

Side rolls over

Braids for Culy Hair

Braids for Culy Hair over

Pretty braided bread rolls

Pretty braided buns over

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