Hair Tutorials: Amazing Crown Braids

It is amazing for every girl to wear a crown braid hairstyle. The hairstyle can perfectly complement various garments and give the girls an ultra-pretty look. The crown braids can also come from different colors and styles. Some crown braids are paired with bread rolls. Some are made as headbands or half as hairstyles. To make a crown braid hairstyle, you should follow several steps.

Step 1 To straighten the hair
Step 2 To braid braids, down on both sides of the head
Step 3 If you want to make a bun, you can simply turn the braid with the remaining locks. If you want to do half a hairstyle, you need to put the braids around the crown and pin it just above the neck.

If you want to know more about the crown braids, you will not miss the hair tutorials in the post. The post will feature some beautiful Crown Braid Tutorials for practicing. Enjoy and be inspired!
Half up Dutch Side Braid

Half up Dutch Side Braid

Half up Dutch Side Braid over

Beautiful crown braid

Beautiful crown braid over

Stylish crown braid

Stylish crown braid over

Crown Braid and rolls

Crown Braid and rolls over

Pretty crown braid

Pretty crown braid over

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